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I Led The Fight…

  • To stop domestic terrorism. I filed a federal lawsuit against Black Lives Matter, President Barack Obama and George Soros for inciting violence against law enforcement (Pennie v. Obama et al., 2016)

  • To hold Facebook, Google and Twitter accountable for their role in facilitating riots and attacks on police across the country. (Pennie v. Twitter, 2017)

  • To regulate social media. I filed an amicus brief in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Gonzalez v. Google to revise CDA 230. (2023)

  • To stop school shootings across the country while completing my doctoral dissertation at Texas Tech University and consulting on mitigating risks across the nation. (Texas Tech University, 2017)

  • As a national contributor advocating for police on major news networks including: Sean Hannity Show, Fox News, Fox & Friends, Newsmax, OAN, NewsNation, and Christian Broadcast Network.

  • Consulting for Congress on public safety policy to keep our businesses and communities safe from radicalized threats online and in the real-world. 


It’s Time To Take Our Country Back!

Tre's Accomplishments

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