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White House accused of 'exploiting' Tyre Nichols' death: Biden 'doesn't give a damn...

White House accused of 'exploiting' Tyre Nichols' death: Biden 'doesn't give a damn about the Black community'

A retired Dallas police officer attacked the left's renewed push for police reform amid the fallout surrounding the tragic death of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols. Dr. Tre Pennie slammed the White House Wednesday ahead of Nichols' funeral — which will be attended by Vice President Kamala Harris — and accused the administration of "exploiting" the death for political purposes in the left's bid to dismantle law enforcement funding. "I'm disgusted that the White House would exploit this family's pain at the expense of law enforcement," Pennie told Ainsley Earhardt. "They know, like I know, that the White House and Joe Biden don't give a damn about the Black community and law enforcement are the only ones out in these communities trying to keep the community safe." This photo provided by the Nichols family shows Tyre Nichols, who had a passion for photography and was described by friends as joyful and lovable. Nichols was just minutes from his home in Memphis, Tenn., on Jan. 7, 2023, when he was pulled over by police and fatally beaten. Five Memphis police officers have since been charged with second-degree murder and other offenses. (Courtesy of the Nichols family via AP) "The bottom line is, if we continue to allow them to push this George Floyd bill through, they're going to render law enforcement ineffective," he continued. "Law enforcement's going to face higher rates of criminal prosecution, have to defend themselves civilly against civil litigation. And most importantly, the DOJ is going to plant a stake in every law enforcement agency across this country, and police officers won't be able to do anything." Nichols family attorney Ben Crump, who also leads th

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