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Sacramento mass shooting came days after Newsom signed two more gun laws

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed two new gun bills into law days before a downtown Sacramento shooting on July 4 that left four injured and one dead. The shooting occurred outside a nightclub just blocks away from the California State Capitol Museum. The Sacramento Police Department said in a July 5 update that detectives "retrieved video surveillance, collected 11 shell casings, and identified multiple witnesses." No suspects have been announced in the case as of Wednesday. Three days prior to the shooting on July 1, the governor signed two bills restricting ghost guns and barring gun manufacturers from marketing firearms to children, according to a press release. "To members of the United States Supreme Court, to right-wing Republicans all across this country — do you have no common decency, respect or even common understanding that kids should not have one of these things?" Newsom said while holding an assault-style rifle in a video posted to Twitter, adding that AR-15s are "weapons of war" that should not be in the hands of children. He continued: "The good news, if there's any, is that this ends, at least today, in California." California Gov. Newsom holds an assault-style rifle while announcing new gun legislation. (Gov. Gavin Newsom Twitter) California has passed 107 gun-control laws — 17 of which Newsom signed over his three years in office, as The Sacramento Bee first reported. Monday's incident marked Sacramento's third mass shooting so far this year, according to the outlet. In February, shooting suspect David Mora shot his three daughters, a chaperone and himself at The Church in Sacramento, a n

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