Tre on the Issues
Tre Pennie for Congress is a Univeristy Professor and education advocate

As a university professor and advocate for education reform, Tre places education at the top of his legislative agenda. He is a proponent of "school choice" and "vocational education" to improve educational and workforce outcomes for students in District 30. Being a recipient of public education, Tre understands how the lack of school resources and poor learning conditions can adversely impact a student's ability to learn and succeed. Because of this revelation, Tre believes that it is time to start reimagining schools by investing in infrastructure, technology, equipment, teachers, and alternative learning resources. As your congressional leader, Tre will immediately seek to improve academic accountability for K-12 by ensuring that every federal dollar is properly managed and invested in student learning.

A recent study found that academic achievement among religious schools was significantly higher than that of public schools. Based on this fact, Tre promotes the idea of allowing religious institutions to receive federal funding to establish their own school systems. This change in philosophy will stimulate employment in education, reduce classroom sizes in public schools and encourage publicly funded schools to become more competitive and accountable for student success.

Tre Pennie will focus on the communities and small businesses

Tre stands against the incursion of elitist business practices and Wall Street to end the manipulation of housing markets, forcing foreclosures, and regentrifying communities while pushing out lifetime residents. He believes that for communities to thrive, there must be a cooperative partnership among citizens, the government, nonprofits, and public/private enterprise.

Tre embraces the idea of "opportunity zones" to encourage new investments in the community, so that more jobs can be created and more economic development can occur.

Tre also believes that small businesses stimulate economic growth by providing local employment opportunities; therefore, government should play a greater role in helping small businesses grow by providing greater access to federal funding. As your congressional leader, Tre pledges to work with the Small Business Association (SBA) and the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) to reduce the federal grant threshold from 1 million in gross revenues to qualify for benefits to $500k in gross revenues to allow for greater access to more transitional companies.


EARN-IT: Cannabis provides a new vision for dealing with existing socioeconomic challenges in underserved majority-minority districts across America, while considering ongoing legislative efforts to legalize and profit from cannabis. EARN-IT: Cannabis is a merit-based approach focused on education, training, and business opportunities to ensure that underserved majority minority districts like Texas Congressional District 30 have a seat at the table in this lucrative emerging market.

Read More in Tre's cannabis plan (PDF)

Tre is a 20-year veteran police sergeant
Public Safety/National Security

Tre is a 20-year veteran police sergeant who values public safety, social responsibility and the rule of law. He promotes the idea of safer communities through accountable policing and localized crime prevention initiatives. His legislative agenda seeks to enhance public safety by: (1) improving access to law enforcement education and training; (2) allocating funds for equipment and technology and (3) ensuring law enforcement agencies are properly prepared for emerging threats of the 21st Century. Tre's strategy to reduce crime in communities is largely built on changing the conditions that facilitate the existence of crime. Tre promotes the idea of volunteerism and social responsibility to isolate the problems that proliferate crimes in our communities.

Sadly, an immense number of victims are affected by violent crime each year in District 30. Many of those crime victims have expressed frustration with not being able to receive needed benefits. Because of this disparity, Tre will work diligently to ensure that the Crime Victim Compensation Fund (Victims of Crime Act of 1984) is adequately funded and managed, so that greater access can be provided to victims of violent crime in District 30.

Tre Pennie is an Army vet that values our military
Veterans and Troops

Tre believes that active-duty members of the Armed Forces and military veterans are our nation's most valuable assets. As an Army veteran, Tre understands what it means to serve and the value of keeping promises. He has firsthand experience of the types of pressures that soldiers and their families face while serving in the military. Because of this connection, Tre will continue to advocate for better healthcare for veterans and will ensure that every policy on veteran services meets an appropriate standard. He will fight for responsible spending that prioritizes our troops above other non-essential expenditures. Additionally, because so many of our veterans come home with adjustment challenges, Tre plans to provide all veterans with access to "free" legal assistance to help get their affairs in order.

District 30 is home to the Veteran Administration's second largest health care system in the United States. Ironically, the District also has the largest concentration of homeless veterans. Considering that mental health and homelessness continues to be a problem for our veterans, Tre plans to isolate the problem in District 30 by creating an initiative to better coordinate resources including working with state and local governments on early intervention, offering transitional-housing resources, creating targeted training programs, working with employers and landlords to provide resources and providing access to mental health services through partnerships with non-profits and hospitals. We simply must do a better job of supporting veterans!

Pennie for Congress will protect the sanctity of religious values, conservative speech
Religious/Political Freedom

America was founded on the principle of religious and ideological freedom as promoted under the First Amendment. However, in recent years, Christian religious values and conservative political speech have come under attack by the media and other institutions who have publicly condemned the practices and beliefs as hate speech and have unfairly subjected followers to censorship, ridicule and mob-type attacks.

As a conservative columnist for a Christian magazine, Tre holds provisions of the First Amendment in the highest regard. Therefore, he vows to protect the sanctity of religious values, conservative speech, and the legitimacy of America's media by legislating policy to restrict federal funding for those who censor conservative speech and enhancing libel and defamation laws to hold media accountable for false and unverified stories to sensationalize headlines or promote political agendas. Tre pledges to effectively end the #FakeNews era by refining standards of media reporting. He values the idea of equal protection under the law and will fight to ensure that it is protected in all forms!

Tre Pennie and Immigration Solutions

For several decades, Congress has failed America's undocumented immigrant population because of partisan politics. Years of unresponsiveness to immigration policy reform has resulted in an impending social crisis. In fact, the orchestrated manipulation of U.S. asylum laws has unfairly impacted victims of violent crime seeking refuge from other countries; placed an enormous strain on our Border Patrol agents; congested U.S. immigration courts and has financially strained the system. Tre understands the immigration problem and seeks to adopt comprehensive legislation that protects the interests of "legal" immigrants on visas seeking status; fairly provides a pathway to citizenship for "Dreamers"; and evaluates asylum requests separate from other immigration filings. Tre also believes that the privatization of immigration pre-check systems can help to make the overall immigration process more efficient.

In 2017, a member of Tre's family who was classified as a "Dreamer" became a victim of America's broken immigration policy after an attorney misfiled paperwork resulting in her being remanded in Mexico for over a year. Because of that negative experience, Tre has vowed to work on bipartisan legislation to ensure that no other family has to endure such a fate. Tre intends to establish a clear and legal pathway to citizenship for "Dreamers," expedite visa requests, enhance enforcement, and improve asylum laws. As a part of Tre's comprehensive immigration plan, he seeks to ensure that immigrants permitted to serve in the United States Armed Forces are granted "automatic" citizenship upon completion of their service term.

View Tre's immigration policy (PDF)

Tre Pennie is Pro Life
Pro-Life Advocate

Tre is a pro-life advocate. He is firmly against the discriminatory abortion practices that have targeted minority communities and have contributed to America's historic low birth rates. As a teenage father, Tre encouraged his teenage girlfriend to keep their unborn child because he valued life. At the age of 17, Tre married his teenage girlfriend and joined the U.S. Army to overcome the pressures of her being forced to abort the child. Today, Tre is the proud father of a 24-year-old microbiologist specializing in DNA gene testing to help save lives through early detection of disease and cancer. Tre's story is a testament of God's gifts to the world. If the teenage parents had decided to choose abortion over the life of their unborn child, there would be a void in the child's contribution to the world.

Tre Pennie for Congress will focus on Healthcare solutions

Congress must do more to improve healthcare prescription costs in this country. It is estimated that 19 million Americans import medicine from other countries to save money. On average, they are saving 56% on world imports. Based on this fact, the U.S. healthcare system must be reformed. There is no reason for our citizens to be penalized while purchasing the same medicines here at home. Medicare is the largest purchaser of medicines from pharmaceutical companies. However, federal law prohibits the Medicare system from negotiating prices, so the government pays the higher premiums which are in turned passed on to the consumers. This practice is unfair to consumers and must be addressed. Tre will immediately introduce legislation to allow Medicare to negotiate prices directly with drug companies to get better rates. He will also employ legislative influence to prevent drug companies from inflating costs at-will by capping prices based on the international average for the same drug.

reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
Social Media

Revise CDA 230: CDA 230 is protecting Big Tech corporations, while leaving citizens at risk!

Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act was designed to protect online service providers from liabilities resulting from the misdeeds of third-party users. However, with the advent of social media, the outdated piece of legislation has allowed social media companies to claim immunity protection for illegal activities that they are personally facilitating such as: illegal online drug sales, domestic and international terrorism, piracy, and countless other crimes.

As one of the first advocates to take a stand against social media companies following the shooting attack in Dallas, Texas, that claimed the lives of 5 police officers, Tre seeks to reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to remove broad immunity from social media companies that allow their open platforms to be used for nefarious activities and clandestine attacks against U.S. interests at home and abroad. He seeks to pass legislation mandating: (1) greater cooperation with law enforcement, (2) civil and criminal accountability, and (3) greater oversight using third-party company audits.

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Tre Pennie for Congress will focus on Environmental solutions

Long-standing systemic health and social inequities coupled with environmental mismanagement in underserved communities have subjected residents to increased risk of health conditions. Corporate entities and government simply have not done enough to address environmental hazards and educating the public about the risks and the importance of protecting the environment. In an effort to address environmental safety disparities, market-driven solutions must be applied and the public must play its role in advocating for its own well-being including: modifying daily behavior, increasing recycling and trash pick-up, using of environmentally-friendly products, and relying on environmentally-efficient means of both public and private transportation.

View Tre's environmental plan (PDF)